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Simon is a software engineer, consultant, leader, trainer, founder, speaker, and open-source contributor. He has a passion for building strong digital products for mobile and web. Simon has worked as a front-end engineer at Facebook and at Google, and he is currently providing consulting, training, and development with a focus on React Native. Well, turns out Microsoft has been on a shopping spree lately. To assemble the goodie bag that VSAC is, they acquired a bunch of existing independent solutions like Codepush and HockeyApp , as well as built and extended existing Microsoft products.

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We helped them scope the MVP and create a product roadmap, before equipping them with a product team that led them to launch. We adjusted the team continuously to scale, followed by a successful exit to Volkswagen Financial Services. Spoke about React Native multiple times at conferences, especially the intersection with custom native code.

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This is a varied role, where you’ll work on everything from architecting new features to performance optimization and on apps designed for consumers through to expert users. Hiring the perfect React Native developer for your upcoming big project can be stressful and take time you don’t have. The best candidate needs to be smart, skilled, responsible and responsive, or your project could fall behind. Upstack handles your hiring problems by matching your company with vetted senior level React Native developers. Our artificial intelligence powered matching program helps your business discover the perfect fit for your development project.

freelance react native developer

And individual interviews guarantees a great match for your development team. Our primary objective is to help you locate a React Native developer that will contribute to your team right away. Our developer hiring approach has been refined through our many years in service and is trusted by many fast-growing startups.

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And the vast icon library of react-native-vector-icons, together with some custom imports, has so far provided me with all I need in terms of icons. However, I ran into some troubles while trying to post the images to my server using react-native-fetch-blob. Hence, the additional complexity and the at the time very uncertain maintenance status of the repo made me choose the built-in JS FormData API instead.

freelance react native developer

It’s a robust tool for building client-side applications that don’t put a heavy demand on operating system specificities, such as augmented or virtual reality . To that end, React Native is suitable for writing mobile apps, web apps, web pages, iOS and Android apps, all backed up by its robust code package. If you build your web applications in React, it becomes very easy to make them mobile-compatible by leveraging the functionality of React Native development. Expert react native freelancers for hire are skilled in using the latest react native tools and techniques to deliver effective results for their clients for anytype of React Native Developer jobs .

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From 128,762 reviews, clients rate our React Native Developers 4.83 out of 5 stars. There are several options available when it comes to global state management, the more widely used being Redux. If the developer is familiar with Redux on React, there are no changes for when it comes to using it on React Native.

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  • Ideally, the developer will have knowledge in devOps, particularly the new version of React Native.
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  • Possess excellent communication skills and a passion for continuously learning and staying up to date with the latest technologies.
  • It must work on my server and must have the login of superadministator, login of client tha buy the software and the users.

Lucky for us, React Native has a component just for that purpose — RefreshControl . And while I intuitively like it and its massive set of configuration options, I experienced a few quite painful situations. “Convention over configuration” is a mantra I feel like I’ve been hearing every single day for the past two years. Not very surprisingly, since we used Ruby on Rails on the server side and Ember.js one the client side — two frameworks basically synonymous with that saying.

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Although it wasn’t my original intention, this advisory role eventually resulted in me taking on the development of the app as lead developer. React Native programmers bring good development velocity to your project. They create a shared codebase for iOS and Android using pre-written React Native core components, which speeds up development at early stages. When polishing the app, it takes developers a few seconds to see the result of code changes they make. Having instant feedback during development, they quickly adjust code to match the look and feel of native apps for Android and iOS. RN developers will be proficient in the entire mobile app development process from beginning to end.

I want the development to be done using the most up-to-date technology available and would like someone to build a highly efficient and user friendly service. For the web portal, I would like to use PHP in order to ensure optimum performance and results. I also need the mobile app to be built using React Native as I need the app to be compatible with both Android and iOS systems. I do have existing web designs and UI/UX assets that can be used to help build the platform.

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And for all other platform-specific code Platform.OS will do the trick. Moving on to CI/CD — the livelihood of devops people, and the #1 configuration nightmare of all lone-ranging developers looking to make a how to hire a react native developer quick buck. React Native currently requires two separate implementations for the two platforms; DatePickerIOS and DatePickerAndroid, which would have required plenty of code duplication doing the same thing.

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